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We NEED you!  Every board member of the TCJLA is a volunteer.  In order for us to continue building Tarrant County's Youth experience during the stock show and youth fair. We depend on each other. 

Whether you can volunteer for a few hours before the show, during the show or sale, or want to help with one of the committees, your involvement will make a difference.

The committees along with the Chair are listed below.

Administrative Committee

      Jeff Newcomb, Chair

      Mayna Haggard

      Malinda Hall

      Melinda Maynard

      Patton Maynard, Sr.

      James Reynolds, Show Office Manager

      Nicholas Reynolds

      Darla Sellers

      Pam Wright

Announcer's Table & Awards Committee

      Melinda Maynard, Chair

      Mayna Haggard

      Patton Maynard, Sr.


      Malinda Hall


       Mayna Haggard

Belt Buckle Committee

       Robin Cain

Sponsorship Committee

Jeff Newcomb, Co-Chair

Brandi Gilbreath,  Co-Chair

Merindy Hall

Cathryn Wells

Lorri Singleton

Silent Auction

      Traci Green

      Morgan Johnson


      R.L. Feldt

Sales Catalog

      Brandi Gilbreath

Social Media/Photography

      Maria Dulaney

Rules Committee

      Rebecca Buckholtz, Chair

      Charlie Cain

      Maria Dulaney

      Dallas Renfro

Parking Committee

      Mike Vergari


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!
Contact us to get info on meetings and see how you can help us grow.


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